THE WEEKENDER | Pretty Hurts


I have had Beyonce’s self titled album on heavy rotation on my iPod since it’s release so it was quite refreshing when I stumbled upon the cover of one of her more popular songs remade by  Chloe & Halle, a sister singing group and YouTube sensation.  I feel like I am the only person on the internet who’d never heard of this soulful duet as their cover of “Pretty Hurts” posted just a month ago has already grossed over 1 million views.

I wanted to share this moving video with you all because I found it so touching that these ladies,  only 14 and 12 in age, are courageous enough to share their gift with the world.  Their strong voices, though young, tell us that we need to remain fearless and shameless in pursuing our dreams.

I hope you all enjoy this video and have a great weekend!

  • Coming over from The Sits Girls. Are you kidding me? Those girls are only 12 and 14? Oh my word, what beautiful, powerful voices. That is a duo to be reckoned with! Thanks for sharing them. Following you and them now!


  • Danielle

    Powerful! The song itself has so much meaning. But their voices together with those lyrics… Just powerful. I had never heard of these two until this post. Thanks for sharing. Have a good weekend too.

    • Yes! I watched this video over and over again. These girls brought a new meaning to this song for me.