The Weekender: #Blaze

Welcome to the first Friday of 2014.  What a wonderful feeling of facing a new year with endless possibilities.  I normally try very hard not to make New Year’s resolutions but hey, who’s perfect?    So instead of listing out my resolutions, I am just going to #Blaze through 2014.

Walking the runway

This year, my only goal is to always look at life as “half-full.  To blaze through life always confident in my own capabilities, removing all doubt and negativity from my vocabulary, thoughts and actions.

How do you plan to #Blaze through 2014?  Leave your comments and lets discuss.

  • #Blaze is a great word for the new year instead of an actual resolution. When you feel sluggish, say it softly and you can feel yourself charging up. When you feel like your back is against the wall, bluntly state it without caring who’s by and blast past whatever stands in your way. On your way out the door and you happen to see how good you look in the mirror, think it and you start striding like a V.S. model with angel wings. Love it!! (I may steal it) You can’t lose. This is one resolution that everyone could keep all year long.

    I would love to renege on my resolutions (there are quite a few on my plate) and simply select this one, but… there are a lot of things I want to do this year. Reading, writing, cooking, you can check those out