THE ART OF BEING A LADY | Lets Begin the Conversation

THAT IT GIRL is focused on helping women become their most beautiful, fabulous and feminine selves.  These are things that, if you let me, I could talk about all day, everyday.

Now my monologues about beauty, fashion, makeup and such are usually received with looks of familiarity from my peers,  but when I brush the subject of the importance of being a feminine woman, I am met with curious and sometimes dumfounded glances.

I always wonder…Do I get these reactions because this is such a taboo subject, or because this is something that many women do not even know how to open up  and talk about.

It is my personal opinion that despite the surplus wayward messages that we absorb daily from television, and other forms of multi-media,  the art of being a truly feminine woman is not lost.

To begin this conversation, I would like to define what womanhood is to me.  While looking polished,  learning to care for your household, and managing to never have a bad hair day makes for a complete outer package, these are all only superficial and should not be mistaken for true womanhood.   I characterize the word “womanly” as someone that is peaceful with how God made her, a woman who embodies love for others, is graceful, educated, and has great personal ethic and strength all rolled into one fabulous ball of style.

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I am a fan of charm school, and while I never formally attended one, I was taught what I feel is the true definition of womanhood from my mother herself.  This conversation began very early in my life.  I know that we were not all blessed to with someone to show us the ropes as a young child, and that is why I believe it is essential that we need to initiate the dialog with our own daughters and between each other.

Let me know what you believe to be true womanhood by leaving a comment below.

  • Hi It Girl – I am greeting you from all the way in South Africa. I concur on everything you have mentioned below. With all the TV, music, vulgarity that our young women are exposed to today, some of them lose touch of what really is important and do not see the actual beauty that comes with being a well grounded women. I love your site! It’s right up my alley!

  • Kim

    I love your definition of “womanly.” I believe that feminine women poses an air of sophistication exuding from within based on her beliefs and understandings. And others will sense this sophistication whether you are dressed to the nines or jogging in sweats. Being womanly or a lady is a conscious decision that one makes. And while I’ve never been to charm school, I definitely have books of etiquette that I reference all the time. It’s a journey that I’m always in pursuit of because I appreciate being a lady.