THE ART OF BEING A LADY | Be A Little Mysterious

The unknown can be a very scary place. There is a certain comfort that we feel in getting to know someone and having them tell us their life stories and experiences; a certain release in spilling our hearts to listening ears. Even though being open is a good thing as it can demonstrate your vulnerability, and your willingness to trust, being too open, or over-sharing can create a sense disinterest from others over time.

Mystery is one of the greatest assets that a woman can have in maintaining her aura of charm and femininity. It draws attention, magnifies your presence, and keeps people wanting more.


mysterious woman


1. Speak carefully…Discernment of the mouth is a very admiral quality for a woman to have. Just because you want to say it does not mean that you should. Realizing that your words have weight shows emotional maturity and maintains the dignity of others

2. Do not reveal everything… We often fell the need to give others full disclosure of our personal lives while chatting over brunch, or even while out on first dates. There is not one person on this earth that needs to know every single intimate detail of your life, and nothing more off-putting then someone who doesn’t know the meaning of “TMI” It is ok to keep a secret or two. It’s called a private life for a reason.


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3. Be observant…That means watching others; their actions, listening to both what they do and don’t say, and choosing to sometimes remain in the background.

4. Change up your routine…We are all guilty of making our lives mundane in one fashion or another. We get the same haircut at the salon, wear the same lipstick on girls night out, and cook the same thing for breakfast every day of the week. Routine is good for keeping your life organized but can get predictable over time. Breaking the monotony of everyday life is a great way to keep it exciting and interesting.

What do you do to maintain a little mystery in your life? Leave a comment and lets discuss.


    Constantly stuck between wanting to be more mysterious in my 3 year relationship ship because my vulnerability pushes my man away. He’s naturally the mysterious type. And I’m the opposite once you know me.. so while he’s trying to be more open I’m trying to be more closed off.. but once he senses my “closed off-ness” he backs off again.. it’s hard :/ how can I be both?

  • KeepItSexy

    I never talk bad about an ex to a new guy. Even if the new guy asks about the previous relationship I will say a few words about it but no details. If you go into detail about how the ex was a cheating jerk, you can bet the new guy will do the same. If you tell the new guy the ex was a baller/shot caller, he may think he will never measure up.

    I also never ever tell anyone my “special number”.

    If I am single an platonically dating a few guys I never go into detail about how many I’m dating. After all they are all still applying for the position 😉

    I have seen women share wayyyy too much in the work place.

    • That IT Girl

      You bring up some really good points. I’ve had to learn how to keep some things private in my relationship, at work and otherwise. The need to tell everyone everything about me caused more pain then good. So glad I grew up.