Fake Instagram Account Teases Us With A Fenty Beauty Announcement But I’m Still Excited

In April 2016, Rihanna officially announced her collaboration in the form of Fenty Beauty with Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) and while us makeup addicts waited with baited breath, not much more was said about what to expect.

Just days before her 29th birthday an Instagram account, now deleted, teased the world of beauty with a fake sneak peek into Rihanna’s long awaited Fenty Beauty line with the following details:

Rihanna- Fenty Beauty- THAT IT GIRL-

“This holographic lip color is set to be the first product released under the long-awaited makeup label Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. This product will be available to purchase at Sephora stores this fall. Stay tuned for more.”

These type of Internet antics are the exact reason why I check all of my sources before reporting beauty news to my faithful readers, however, I am still very excited that we are getting closer to an official release according to the brand.

“We have received a lot of inquiries over the past few days following some social media buzz and postings about the upcoming launch of Fenty Beauty by Rihanna… The conversations seemed to have spiked after a post about the brand’s makeup artist search. Fenty Beauty has officially partnered with James Vincent, who is leading the charge on their search for a Global Makeup Artist for Fenty Beauty. This is the only official information posted from the brand since the announcement of the launch in Spring of 2016. Any other post and/or chatter are from fan pages that are enthusiastically awaiting the launch and are unofficial and conjecture about the launch. We are just as excited as the fans and promise the launch will be worth the wait. Stay tuned for Fall 2017.”- via Refinery 29

Rihanna- Fenty Beauty- THAT IT GIRL-

If you are a makeup artist and will like to be considered for the role of the Fenty Beauty Global Makeup Artist, click the picture above to register in a city near you and in the meantime, I will wait for the news of an official release and will keep each of you updated.