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I still remember the first time I heard the rich and unique voice of Chrisette Michele.  I was in my car after a hard day of work and as I slumped down into the car seat, my now husband popped a CD into the dash stating. “You’ve got the hear this voice.  I’ve never heard anything like it.”  As the lyrics of “If I Had My Way” poured out of the speakers, I shot up, instantly full of energy and urgently asking “Who is this???”

That was my introduction into the the world of Chrisette Michele and today I came to the grand conclusion that she is as beautiful on the inside as the melodious voice that she belts out for our listening pleasure.   You see, there are a few times in life when you are presented with an opportunity that is impossible to pass up. Today, I, along with a group of fabulous lifestyle, fashion, and beauty bloggers, sat down with the stunningly powerful and gracious Chrisette Michele, Grammy Award winning songstress and the talented writer behind  We talked about makeup, vintage addictions, and of course all things music related.

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Her thoughts…

On Life…“My mother was an activist who helped people by keeping an 8 bedroom house full of women and children despite only having 3 kids.  If I wasn’t a singer I would do a lot of community service as that is one of my favorite things.  I would cook for people, donate clothes, raise money for women in other countries, and be an ambassador of sorts.  I am inspired by art, different cities like Paris, by atmospheres, the beach and people watching.  One of my favorite things to do is to take in the latest shows on Broadway.  If Chrisette today could talk to the younger Chrisette I would tell her ‘Girl just wear your angel wings on stage! What are you worried about?  If you see any negative comments on Instagram, just delete them.”

On Music… “Staying true to my fan base is hard but important.  That’s why I feel the need to explain to you guys what I’m doing with my art.  My latest venture, The Lyricist Opus, will include alternative acoustics, guitar and piano features, and the sounds of an orchestra.  I enjoy singing R&B but I truly have a passion for alternative and contemporary music.  I like small audiences even though that never happens and I like to be…you know…gentle.”

On “I want Rich Hipster to feel like a getaway. I want readers to feel like they are joining a squad of happy nerds; a squad of people who aren’t afraid to smile and laugh a little bit.  I told my mom one day that I had an idea and I wanted it to be connected to a blog.  I think Rich Hipster has a lot to do with the place I was living in at that time.  I was in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for years and I’d fallen in love with that community and that atmosphere. The whole vintage store vibe gave it just a fun rich ripster feel.  From that day forward I decided that everything I created would come from that place because that’s where I felt at home.  Rich Hipster is my truth.  It’s the first time that I’m not afraid; that I’m being really brave, and it’s the first time that I’m showing you everything about myself.”

On R&B Divas LA… “My fans have been very positive about R&B Divas.  Despite some hurtful instances and occurrences that could be perceived as negative, my fans have been very kind.  I have been finally able to showcase parts of my personality and I am receiving a lot of positive feedback about the Lyricist Opus.  When you are on a reality show you have this amazing opportunity to learn you tolerance level and despite everything, women CAN get along.”

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Her take…

On Fashion…”I take risks in my funky bold style and a good way to find your personal style is to play in clothes.  Hang out in your favorite store and spend time trying on clothes, taking pictures and sending them to friends for feedback.  I adore Anthropologie, Free People, long silk kimonos, Levi jeans and am obsessed with geeky vintage nerd glasses.  I LOVE to vintage shop, especially in Brooklyn, and my favorited thing to throw on in the morning is a skater dress with “Fig” lipstick by Bite Beauty.”

On Beauty… “Throw on a hot pink lip, or the bright Ruby Woo and all of a sudden you’re glamorous.  I LOVE Tarte’s BB Cream because it gives me a wonderful glow and it’s cruelty free and I usually couple that with the Boi-ing Concealer by Benefit Cosmetics.”

On Being an IT Girl… “Yes the entertainment industry is male dominated but it doesn’t bother me.  I’m not afraid of being emotional.  I don’t try to act like a man.  I wear dresses and stilettos to all of my meetings, I put on a red lip and I play.  I act like a girl.  If I had to give one piece of advice to That IT Girl’s readers on empowering themselves to realize all of their goals and dreams I would say ‘don’t be afraid of NOT getting what you don’t have, be afraid of not experiencing what you do have.’  I think we get so overwhelmed with getting everything that we forget to experience the present moment.  If I kept wondering when I was going to get married or when I was going to get a ring, I might not have a singing career because I would be so involved with making sure I sat in the first row of basketball games or making sure I was at all of the hottest clubs in New York City to meet this or that celebrity in hopes that he might swoop me off of my feet.  I have to experience and be excited about what I am doing.”

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I would like to thank Krystal Rowry, the graphic design extraordinaire behind for providing That IT Girl with this unique opportunity to interview Ms. Michele.

Now that you know the fabulous Chrisette Michele better what are your thoughts?  Leave a comment and lets discuss.

  • Lashana Woodard

    I love her. After reading this article all I could say is “we could totally be besties” LOL!