IT GIRLS ROCK | Meet Kinesha Goldson of Cameo Macaron

Mmmm macarons…those delightful round French confections filled with sweet buttercream or sometimes fresh fruit jam occupy my thoughts more often then I’d like to admit.  As a self proclaimed foodie, I tend to crave all things pastry related, and one of my favorite things to do on a Saturday afternoon is grab my usual chai tea latte, a pastry, and delight in the small pleasures of life.

It is during these tea sipping sessions that I usually discover IT Girls, both online and in person, who are working tirelessly to make reality of their dreams and remain shamelessly girly while doing so.  Not one to sit quietly, I am choosing to detail my readers on the dynamic women I am so blessed to encounter in That IT Girl’s “IT Girls ROCK” series.

Meet Kinesha Goldson…

Cameo Macaron- 1


… Boston native and owner of Cameo Macaron, Boston’s first French macaron food truck.  Graduate of Northeastern University and member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Kinesha has taken her love for baking on the road in her mobile pâtisserie that features over a dozen different macaron flavors.  Decked out in custom artwork by Nessa Guillet, Cameo Macaron was born after a study abroad trip to Paris revealed Kinesha’s love for the the French macaron.

Her thoughts…

On discovering her passion…  “When I graduated from college and started working as a fashion buyer, I realized just how unhappy I was with my career.  Women in corporate settings tend to treat each other terribly.  It’s something that just doesn’t happen with men and it’s unfortunate so one day I quit, and by the end of the week, purchased the truck that would become Cameo Macaron.”

Cameo Macaron- 4

Cameo Macaron- 3


On dating while being a BOSS…  “My boyfriend, has been an amazing support system and has been there every step of the way of making Cameo Macaron a reality.”

On beauty… “I’m a sucker for a mani pedi and all things Sephora. My mother is a beautician and I used to love watching her get ready for a night out with her friends. Over the years and with things being so busy I truly enjoy the spending time getting ready and doing my own hair, makeup and nails.”

Cameo Macaron- 5


Her thoughts…

On taking risks…  “It’s ALL within reach.  I met two friends for brunch a while back and we spoke about how we tend to talk ourselves down or out of moving forward with a dream because of the obstacles we may face.  Everything is a risk, and it is scary because you put yourself out there, but when it works, you forget about all of that. You have to ask yourself… what would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

Cameo Macaron- 6


On entrepreneurship…   “Success is worth every pitfall, setback, and ‘no’ on the way.  The best part of owning my own business is certainly being a role model for young black girls and women who see someone they can relate to follow their dreams.  I was able to take a terrible situation and make something out of it.  I am a better person because of it which sends the message that we IT Girls don’t have to just ride the train, we can drive it.”

Cameo Macaron- 2


Should you ever find yourself in the Boston area, make sure you visit Cameo Macaron.  In the mean time, support IT Girl entrepreneurs by following Kinesha on Instagram and leaving your thoughts in the comment section.