How to Make Your Own Custom Lipstick in 3 Easy Steps

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With there being literally millions of different lip products on the market right now it can be a little fatiguing trying to find that one lipstick color that looks like it was created and manufactured just for you.  Most of us love the feeling of wearing one-of-a-kind items and want nothing more then to feel as unique as possible when stepping out of the house.  Now if you want, you can spend hundreds of dollars buying waxes, oils and pigments and even more hours formulating your own proprietary lipstick blend or even worse, you can learn how to transform crayons into lipstick, putting your health and sanity at risk but I am here to tell you that there is an easier way.

In this latest DIY I will show you how to easily and safely create custom lipsticks and lip tints in just 3 easy steps via a boutique sized makeup brand called Finding Ferdinand.


Finding Ferdinand Starter Kit 3- That IT GirlFinding Ferdinand is a cosmetic company whose story I have been following since their creation in 2014.  Founded by beautypreneur, Nhu Le, Finding Ferdinand specializes in helping you realize your custom lipstick dreams through their signature Lipstick Starter Kit.

The Finding Ferdinand Lipstick Starter Kit ($60) comes with 16 highly pigmented lipstick shades that can be worn alone or in over 60,000 combinations, a mini lipstick brush, full mirror, color guide, and a code for redeeming your first tube of custom lipstick ($30 value).  Each creamy color is packed with lip nourishing ingredients like sesame and jojoba oil and are mineral oil, parabens, gluten and animal cruelty free.


Finding Ferdinand Starter Kit 5- That IT Girl


Creating your custom lipstick is super easy and mostly involves 3 steps.  First you want to visit and order your Lipstick Starter Kit.

Once you receive your kit in the mail you can then start to experiment with different lipstick combos.  I am such a sucker for pink lipstick so I chose to create a hot pink color by mixing a nude, pink and a touch of orange.

Once I came up with the perfect combo, I then went back onto, ordered my custom color combination and received a full sized lipstick in the mail 3 days later.


Finding Ferdinand Starter Kit 2- That IT Girl

Finding Ferdinand Starter Kit 2 Instagram- That IT Girl

My custom color that I named “IT Girl Pink” is super pigmented and I absolutely adore the sturdy yet sleek packaging it came in.  Just in case this process sounds too simple to be true, take a look at the Finding Ferdinand Lipstick Starter Kit in action.



What I love most about this kit is the fact that even after you’ve created your own custom lipstick, you still have a great lipstick palette that is very travel friendly and can offer a ton of lip color options on the go.

The folks over at Finding Ferdinand were gracious enough to extent a 20% off coupon code to THAT IT GIRL readers.  Become a #FFGirl and order your Lipstick Starter Kit now by clicking below and use THATITGIRL20 at checkout (Valid from 03/28/16- 04/29/16) and let me know in the comments what you think.

Special thanks to Finding Ferdinand for submitting products for consideration.
  • Lipstick junkie here. Is it a matte formula? That’s all I wear.

  • This looks like so much fun!!! I’m more of a lip gloss girl but this could seemingly sway me!

    • Hey Patranila,

      This is super fun and some of the colors are really glossy so it may satisfy your lip gloss lust. LOL!

  • brea ellis

    Very cool! I purchased the starter kit at a pop up shop they did outside of DC, but had no idea there was a coupon code for free lipstick inside…i’ll have to dig around and find that!

    • Oh my goodness! Well I’m glad you saw this post. Couldn’t have you missing out on free lipstick girl!

    • Finding Ferdinand Team

      HI Brea, you can use the code on the back of the box to redeem your free lipstick tube 🙂

  • De L Bee John

    I’m excited to try this!

  • *SCREAM* I love this! I’m a sucker for orange and purples…This is such a brilliant Idea!!!

    ~ xo, Veronica ~ Luxe Beauty Blog

    • YES! And what I love is how creamy and pigmented these colors are. #WIN