Hello October

Diana Ross

Diana Ross is one of my favorite style and beauty icons of all time.  She’s bold, beautiful, graceful and most of all, fearless.  Over the last few months I have conquered many fears by taking a few risks.  I’ve started dabbling in freelance writing, I’ve gone whole days unplugged from the internet and I’ve started to network more with new blogging buddies.  Because I’ve been so busy there have been some smaller details of my life that have fallen to the wayside so I am going to dedicate October to focusing on the small details.

For the month of October it is my goal to:

  • Fill the multiple journals I have sitting around.  Writing is like a muscle; the more you do it, the stronger, better and more concise it becomes.  I have a ton of journals and notebooks sitting empty and collecting dust in my office.  I am going to spend October filling them with my thoughts, dreams, and random musings.
  • Decide on my Halloween costume.  One of my favorite things about October is Halloween!  Not the celebration of the dead aspect but the opportunity to slap on tons of makeup, a bad wig, and an even more ridiculous costume and parade the streets while eating too much candy without anyone thinking I’ve lost my mind.
  • Get my calendar organized.  Now that I’ve been freelancing, I have more deadlines to keep track of so getting my personal calendar organized has become increasingly essential.  I’ve already got my 2016 monthly planner purchased and ready.

What are your personal goals for October?  Leave a comment and lets discuss.