Faux Pas- A false step.  A fashion faux pas means an error in judgement in style.

Flat- A shoe with no height enhancing qualities.

Flat Front Pants- Straight pants, often seamless and pocketless.

Form Fitting/Slim Fit- Straight form waist to ankle except for a slight curve around the hip.


Gaucho- Wide-legged pants or divided skirt reaching mid-calf and worn with boots

Gauntlets- Dress gloves extending above the wrist.

Glitterati- The beautiful people, the popular crowd, the shiny set, celebrities.


Halter- A dress or shirt that consists of material that meets behind the neck.  This style may range from thin spaghetti straps that tie to draped fabric that crosses at the collarbone and meets behind the neck.

Hankie/Handkerchief Hem- A dress or skirt where the hem falls resembling a scarf.

Haute Couture- High Fashion.

Hidden Platform- A shoe sole similar to a “standard platform” except the upper portion is attached in a fashion that the thickening of the sole is not apparent when viewed from the side.  (the material of the upper portion of the shoe is used to cover the sole)


Item du jour- Item of the day.  Something particularly timely and “now”


Jewel Neck- A high round neckline resting simply at the base of the neck.