BEAUTY GUIDE | Extra Simple Concealer Map

Real women have real imperfections, and it is my belief that concealer is the makeup gods’ answer to our constant quest for flawless appearing skin.  The benefits of a good concealer are endless, yet many women limit its powers to just covering dark circles and blemishes.  Not realizing the immeasurable possibilities of this makeup staple can be the downfall of a makeup beginner and will ultimately lead to an underwhelming skin finish.

When used correctly, those little bottles, tubes, and sticks of creamy flesh colored goodness can be an IT Girl’s best friend thus inspiring the creation of That IT Girl’s Simple Concealer Map.  Apply it in these 6 places and your concealer can do so much more then merely even your skin tone.  This map will show you how to create a naturally luminous 3 dimensional complexion to wear alone or in combination with your foundation, eye shadow, blush, and lipstick.

Concealer Map

  1. T-Zone:  Blending a small amount of concealer that is 1 shade lighter then your normal skin tone between your brows and down the bridge of your nose makes your eyes pop and gives more definition to your nose.
  2. Above & Below Your Eyebrow:  Define the brows by applying concealer to both above and below your brow bone.  For a natural definition, use a skin toned concealer above the brow bone and a slightly lighter concealer below.
  3. Inner Tear Duct & Under Eye:  Highlight this area lightly with a concealer to give you a younger more awake appearance.  Blend well and avoid extra light concealers in this area to prevent the “deer caught in headlights” look.
  4. Around Each Nostril:  This area is typically plagued by large pores and redness.  Covering this area with a skin toned concealer will not only brighten your face, but make your skin appear more even.
  5. The Corners of Your Mouth:  Conceal this area with a skin toned product to hide any fine lines, discolorations, and to mask any drooping.
  6. Center of Your Chin:  Bring more dimension to your face by applying a small circle or upside-down triangle of concealer that’s one shade lighter then your skin to the crease of your chin.

What are some of your favorite concealing products?  Leave a comment and lets discuss.

  • I don’t know what I would do with out concealer! My fave is Bobby Brown corrector and concealer! I mainly use it under my eyes. Thanks for the map! I will try it on other places.

  • Great Map! I love NYX’s concealer in a jar and HD concealer. Cheap and get sthe job done! I actually only use concealer for highlighting purposes. I use a small concealer brush and dip it into my bareminerals foundation to cover up my dark spots.