5 Brown Girl Friendly Lipstick Looks That Will WOW in 2016

Whenever we come upon the ending of a year, I am always motivated to talk about being fearless in every aspect of life and that includes even the most thoughtless task like my makeup choices.  As 2015 closes, I am a little surprised by how many women of color are still…well…afraid of color especially when it comes to what we wear on our lips.  Via email and in regular conversations I get a lot of questions about what lipstick colors go well with deep skin tones and I can always sense utter fear when I suggest a bright magenta, or a dark purple.

I think outside of the online beauty community, many women of all skin tones are still very hesitant to take risks often opting to play it safe in our makeup choices. Well IT Girls I am here to tell you that we can wear almost any lipstick color and here are 5 brown girl friendly lipstick looks that I am sure will WOW in 2016.




See these looks in action!


What lipstick look will you be rocking in 2016?  Leave a comment and lets discuss.

  • Christina St.Jean

    All the colors look great on you. I love the nude lip! It’s perfect and i have the Nars lip too! It’s such a great red for everyone!



    • YES! The Nars lippie is pretty on it own. When I added the OCC lip tar I was overwhelmed by how pretty it was.

  • Kasi Perkins

    Love this video! All of the colors look gorgeous on you, and that red one was everything! Thanks for sharing!I have the Nars lippie, now I see that the MAC brick red liner will go well with it!

  • all of them look gorgeous!

  • Keisha

    I received Nars Cruella as a free gift from Sephora. As someone who swore red lipstick was not for this deep dark skin I was pleasantly surprised I liked it. It’s looks great!

    • I am so glad you’ve seen the light. Us deep toned women can wear 99% of lipstick shades.

  • I think I love the nude look the best!!!

  • Ok, I can’t pick one because they all look SO pretty on you! Thanks for sharing!


  • Love this list!