That IT Girl’s 5 Must Have Makeup Brushes

Believe it or not, I used to be very green in the world of makeup.  Before I even discovered makeup brushes I too was a user of the oh so dreaded eyeshadow sponge. One of the most daunting tasks in this whole learning process was selecting makeup brushes to use on my face.

With so many makeup brushes out there, learning what to use and how to use it is a tedious task.  Take a look at the 5 must have makeup brushes that I feel EVERY IT Girl, from beginner to pro, needs in her collection.

5 Must Have Makeup Brushes

1.  Eyeshadow Shading Brush: Perfect for packing both loose and solid eyeshadow colors onto the moveable lid.

2.  Concealer Brush: Synthetic fiber flat concealer brushes are used to apply and blend liquid and cream concealers and other emollient products.

3.  Tapered Blending Brush:  Blending brushes are essential in smudging out harsh lines on the eyelid using circular and/or windshield wiper motions.

4.  Slanted Blush/Contour Brush:  Blush brushes come in all different sizes and shapes but I particularly love the slanted blush brush because it gets right into the hollows of the cheeks for contouring purposes, but is also perfect for applying blush.

5.  Fluffy Powder Brush: Powder brushes are created in the right density to brush powder products like translucent setting powder, bronzing powder onto the face and body.

What are your must have makeup brushes?  Leave a comment and lets discuss.

  • Can I say that Sigma does a pretty good job on making makeup brushes?
    Of course those from MAC are very good but they are much too expensive for the average girl/woman.

    Great post btw!


    • I have never tried Sigma brushes but from what I’ve read and viewed on YouTube, Sigma brushes are of great quality for the price point.

  • Danielle

    This was soooo needed for me. I am very new to the make up world. So new that I was using what I now know to be the Concealer brush…. as my Eyeshadow brush. Ya live and ya learn. Thank you so much :-).

  • Hello; I am just a newbie with brushes. and until very recently I only had a blush brush and a powder brush. Otherwise I would use the little eyeshadow sponge brushes that are already included in palettes. I have been watching the amazing lisaeldrige on Youtube for years now and she always uses the 217 eyeshadow/crease brush and I finally decided to buy it a few weeks ago. That’s not cheap but I loooooove it 🙂

    • Yes! Once you move past that eyeshadow sponge, the world of makeup brushes just opens up!