LUST: NARS Matte Multiples for Spring 2014

NARS Cosmetics has one of the best collections of blush colors and is a personal favorite of mine so when creator, François Nars, announced the release of the NARS Matte Multiple collection, I jumped for joy.


Described as the next wave of makeup artistry for lips and cheeks, the NARS Multiple Matte, available in 7 shades, is a creamy lightwight product that gives long-lasting and buildable matte, but hydrating color to the lips and cheeks.

“Vibrant pops and sensual sun-kissed modern matte hues for lips and cheeks. Used dry it delivers a burst of high-impact color; used wet, color melts into skin with an imperceptibly smooth, sheer finish.”

Price: $39.00

  • Anguilla (ginger pink)
  • Exumas (pink apricot)
  • Siam (poppy red)
  • Laos (rose coral)
  • Altai (rose bronze)
  • Vientiane (copper bronze)
  • Cappadoce (gold bronze)NARS Matte Multiple- AnguillaNARS Matte Multiple- -Exumas-NARS Matte Multiple- SiamNARS Matte Multiple- LaosNARS Matte Multiple- AltaiNARS Matte Multiple- VientianeNARS Matte Multiple- Cappadoce-

This collection is set to launch on Saturday, March 1st, 2014 at NARS Boutiques and Will you be purchasing? Leave a comment and lets discuss.

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REQUESTED: What’s In My MAC Pro Palette

MAC Pro Palette

I recently posted a picture to my Instagram account featuring some of my current favorite products from MAC Cosmetics.  In this photo, I included one of my MAC Pro Palettes and the response was overwhelming.  I received a ton of Instagram, Facebook, and e-mail request to outline what eyeshadows I had in my Pro Palette thus providing the inspiration for my latest YouTube video.  Enjoy!

What’s in your MAC Pro Palette?  Leave a comment and lets discuss.

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The Weekender: Pretty Hurts


I have had Beyonce’s self titled album on heavy rotation on my iPod since it’s release so it was quite refreshing when I stumbled upon the cover of one of her more popular songs remade by  Chloe & Halle, a sister singing group and YouTube sensation.  I feel like I am the only person on the internet who’d never heard of this soulful duet as their cover of “Pretty Hurts” posted just a month ago has already grossed over 1 million views.

I wanted to share this moving video with you all because I found it so touching that these ladies,  only 14 and 12 in age, are courageous enough to share their gift with the world.  Their strong voices, though young, tell us that we need to remain fearless and shameless in pursuing our dreams.

I hope you all enjoy this video and have a great weekend!

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The Art of Being a Lady: Journal Regularly

I have journaled off an on ever since I was a young girl and it is a habit that I still practice today.  Writing your innermost thoughts on paper, free from outside judgement, is so cathartic and therapeutic.  In my quest to become a better woman; more in tune with my feeling, my dreams, and my fears, I find that journaling gives me the perfect outlet to just be me.
Journal Regularly

The benefits of journaling are so vast.  Here are a few things that I particularly find most valuable.

  1. Catalog Your Personal History: Everyone has a story, and a journal is the perfect place to keep track of important life events and milestones.  What I appreciate most about this benefit the most is how I can go back in time by re-reading old entries and reminisce and observe just how much I’ve accomplished.  Sometimes, when you get caught up in life’s day to day happenings, it is easy to forget that you are ever changing.  Keeping a journal allows you to monitor those changes regardless of how small they are.
  2. Collect Your Dreams:  Everyday it seems like I have a new goal.  One day I want to be more of a world traveler, the next I plot on how I can grow spiritually, the day after, I’m on the fast track to changing careers.  When I don’t write my ideas down they ultimately become lost and never thought about again.  Inspiration can strike at any time.  Ideas have a way of popping up without much provocation.  Journaling is a way to keep your ongoing bucket list fresh in your mind, and is an awesome way to track the progress in the dreams that you hold most dear.
  3. Relieve Stress: Sometimes when I am having a particularly rough day, I just sit in a quiet spot in my bedroom and ramble on paper.  On paper I yell, I scream, I curse, and I cry and I relieve whatever anger or sadness has built up.  This makes my home life better because I’ve already had a chance to formulate my thoughts before having tough discussions, and this also benefits my public life because I don’t take out my frustrations on strangers.
  4. Provide Self-Help:  I am a big fan of seeking professional counseling when needed, but for less serious issues, keeping a journal can provide a level of self counseling.  Writing your issues can help you identify patterns and triggers.  A journal can sometime be your selfless friend as it will never tell you to “be quiet” or be unavailable to listen to your deepest thoughts regardless of how small or petty.

 Even in my personal life I sometimes get writer’s block.  Sounds odd because during these times it is easier to not pick up the pen and notebook but I resist the urge to not write by choosing one of these awesome writing prompts to provoke thought:

  • What am I optimistic about?
  • Things I am most grateful for.
  • An experience that changed me the most.
  • What I love about myself.
  • What I love about life.
  • My goals for the month
  • What I worry about.
  • What makes me feel loved.
  • My website.
  • My personal code of ethics.

Outdoor Space


I like to create a ritual or routine when I journal to make it enjoyable and relaxing.  Some things that that provide me inspiration, comfort, and encouragement to write are:

  • A quiet well lit space. Complete silence leaves me alone with my thought and my feelings.
  • Sipping on my favorite tea and nibbling on a pasty while I think.
  • Writing in gorgeous notebooks.  I particularly love the extra girly journals from
  • Using a quality writing utensil.  Tiffany & Co. ink pens are great, but so are Uniball Onyx Roller Ball ink pens, my current fave.
  • Leaving judgement and self-doubt at the door.  Be 100% authentic in your writing.

Do you journal regularly?  Leave a comment and lets discuss.

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Get The Look: Naked Eyes Dramatic Lips

  With Valentine’s Day around the corner, rosy romantic makeup is a must.  My secret to wearing red lipstick, or any dramatic lip color is to keep the eyes very minimal and natural while going as bold as possible with the lip color.  Take a look at some of my favorite products that I personally use to achieve the naked eyes, dramatic lips makeup trend.

Get the look naked eyes dramatic lips

  1. Keep your brows natural and innocent looking by grooming them with the Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil ($23.00).  Be sure to use short quick stroked to avoid the “drawn on” eyebrow look.
  2. Using your finger or a fluffy shader brush, apply a coppery eyeshadow to your eyelids.  NARS “California” Eyeshadow ($24.00) is the perfect blend of rich copper pigment with a rosy finish.
  3. Bring warmth and depth to your face by applying a sheer pink blush like Cargo’s “The Big Easy” ($26.00) to the apples of your cheeks.
  4. Fluffy flirty lashes are a must for any makeup look.  One of my personal favorites is Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara ($23.00).
  5. Finish this look off by applying a vivid, blue based matte red lip color like Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick ($22.00) in “Fiery” to your lips.

How do you rock your naked eye dramatic lip makeup look?  Leave a comment and lets discuss.

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